I created this two-day course to ask you hard questions and make sure this is the journey you really want, and are ready to take on.


We will touch on the basics of “Breaking into the Industry” and figure out how long it will take you to get a foot in the door.


Anyone who has or currently is pursuing a career in acting knows it’s a long road ahead and to prepare for the long game.

Act is and can sometimes be a rough industry filled with joyous bumps and hurdles. But if you're passionate, dedicated, willing to do the work and focused on your craft, the achievements of hitting your milestones will be the highlights of your career and journey.


For most, your resume is your first, and sometimes only, contact with casting professionals. It's your business card and introduction the industry. Somewhat like an audition on paper.

Put your best foot forward and keep your information current, clean, accurate, and professional.


(2 weeks - $250/ student)

Online session available

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