Making sure you know how to conduct yourself on a professional set is the goal of this course. IT’S NOT ROCKET SCIENCE BUT IT'S GOOD TO KNOW, because you’d be surprised at how many newer actors to the industry have very little knowledge of on-set etiquette.


After that long grueling journey of

  1. Breaking into the industry
  2. Finding and securing representation to finally
  3. Auditioning.


The last thing you want is to burn bridges or even worse be know as unprofessional and get blacklist.


In this course we will be learning the basics of what is expected of you on set. Nothing speaks more to your professionalism than the way you conduct and carry yourself onset.


All sets are unique and range from warm, fun and very interactive places to very quiet somber environments for actors to work and give award-winning performances.


Always follow the lead of the Series Regulars, the Director or the department heads if ever you are in doubt.


(2 class - $200/ student)


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