This class is designed to educate the PARENTS and give them the tools to navigate their child’s (who is a minor) career. Along with informing you of all the sacrifices that lay ahead.  You will be taught what is expected of you as the guardian of your child within our industry.


I will give you the basics and point you in the right direction on how to further educate yourself in navigating the responsibilities of being a guardian. Contacts and resources that will help you will be provided along with the expectations of you and your child on-set.


On-set etiquette is just as important for a parent as it is of the minor. We will go over your basic legal rights and expectation as it pertains to you and your child in the industry.


Examples such as:

  1. How many hours a minor is allowed to work?
  2. How many of those work hours must be studying school work with a on-set tutor?
  3. Setting up your child’s Financial institution and future


(1 class - $250/ family)

Online session available

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